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Fernando Peralta Texas Army National Guard


Experience and Dedication

You Can Count On

Fernando moved to Fort Worth in 2014 and resides in one of the largest Latino communities in the city - Rosemont.


When he’s not serving the military as part of the Texas Army National Guard, he is actively working to serve Fort Worth and the growing communities within it.

Public Servant

Texas Army National Guard

President of Las Familias de Rosemont Neighborhood Association

FWISD Site-Based Decision Committees for Rosemont Elementary, Rosemont 6th, & Richard J. Wilson Elementary

Hemphill Corridor Task Force

FWPD Police Chief Interview Panel

Knights of Columbus Chancellor

SteerFW Board Member

Hispanic Women's Network of Texas Fort Worth Chapter

Fernando Peralta Volunteer

Past Accommplishments

Established the Las Familias de Rosemont neighborhood association

Won 2019 Fort Worth Neighborhood of the Year Award

Won 2019 Spirit of Fort Worth Award

Secured $3.1M in neighborhood improvement projects for Rosemont

Advocated for and gained free wifi to parts of Rosemont during COVID-19 pandemic

2015 Tarrant County Homeless Coalition Case Manager of the Year for Tarrant County

Assistant Director of First Street Methodist Mission

Assisted with creation of True Worth Place Center

Basketball coach at St. George Catholic School


Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic- It is important to understand that recovery from this crisis is going to take time, and money. As taxpayers we deserve to know that our investments are going to projects that deliver returns to our communities over big investors. 

Community Based Equitable Development- I believe that development should support improvements for local residents by yielding good jobs, affordable housing, environmental benefits, and community amenities. 

Healing Racially Divided Communities- I believe that the best way to find answers to big systemic issues is to work through conflict that our council has historically feared. This includes seeking out our strongest critics and meeting people who haven't historically had a seat at the table where they are.

Addressing Chronic Homelessness- The biggest hurdle to overcoming the condition of homelessness is access to permanent supportive housing combined with wraparound services that support individuals and families in crisis. This includes job training, access to healthcare, mental health services, and a multi-modal transit system that is both accessible and efficient is instrumental to this goal.

Fernando Peralta Speaking


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