The Dallas Voice: Fort Worth Candidates on LGBTQ Issues

A lot of people are running for Fort Worth City Council. A lot. Nearly 60 people filed to run for mayor and council.

That’s in part because Mayor Betsy Price is retiring after a decade in the office, leaving the field wide for contenders that include Councilmembers Ann Zadeh and Dr. Brian Byrd. Another council member, Councilman Dennis Shingleton, is retiring.

The Dallas Voice reached out to as many of the candidates as possible to get their takes on LGBTQ issues. Some responded by deadline; some did not respond, and others were unavailable.

We asked two questions: “Where do you stand on local protections for LGBTQ people?” And, “We have a comprehensive nondiscrimination ordinance and liaison within the FWPD. But do you think we can do more to protect LGBTQ people?”

“I’ll do anything I can to support the LGBTQ community. I’m not gonna say I know everything, but I’d love to talk and learn their needs,” Peralta said.

He said he challenged the Catholic Church at his wedding when he chose his friend, who is gay, to be his best man. “I grew up very Catholic,” Peralta explained. “The wedding was at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in downtown Fort Worth. I wanted to make a statement at the cathedral by having a gay best man.”

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